My Endless Dark

Let the light embrace the darkness

Lord Lucifer
11 July 1989
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Date Created:2004-06-12
Number of Posts: 1,060

There is nothing to say but UBER PWNAGE and UBER GEEKAGE. Teh 1337 haxxors FTW.
Strengths: Making pretty boys torture, love, and sleep with one another; Pwnage of noobs/nubs/n00bs.
Weaknesses: The sunlight BURNS!
Special Skills: Ultimate Anubos Aimed Shot of DOOM as Renji beats on you with his almighty Beastial Wrath! PH33R ME!! And...Bankai...aka Surprise Buttsecks.
Weapons: Dual-wield epic axes and epic bow...and a whip...for the pretty things. Also a keyboard and mouse, which aids in the pwning. And a zanpaka-tou, just in case a nasty Hollow shows up... *nods*
True Identity: Lucifer, the God of Death AND a vampire shinigami...all in one.

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LOOK AT ME EVERYONE! I'm conforming!! *dances*

× Nicknames: Lucifer
× Gender: Girl
× Birthday: July 11, 1989
× Age: 17
× Marital Status: Single
× Sign: Cancer
× Nationality: American? XP I don't know. I don't know where my birth parents are from.
× Preference: Girls plz, kthxbai.
× Location: Hampstead, NC
× Hair Color: Brown
× Eye Color: It could be blue, blue-gray, blue-green or gray...yup, it changes.
× Height: 5' 6"
× Weight: 130-ish
× Hobbies: WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!, DDR, web design, video games, writing (when I'm not lazy), and RPing (pwp is fun XP)
× Quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


× Number: 17...don't know why
× Clothing Brand: Ummmm...I don't know. I do have some kickass Tripp pants though.
× Shoes: Black and pink Vans
× Saying: Hmmm...I don't think I have one.
× Sport: DDR...it counts, shut up XP
× Vegetable: Ewwwww
× Fruit: Strawberries and bananas
× Movie: Moulin Rogue...but also The Crow, The Libertine, V for Vendetta, The Ring, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Samurai. There's so many...mostly horror and action movies.
× Actress: I...don't really have a favorite actress...Nicole Kidman or Rachel Weisz I suppose.
× Actor: Johnny Depp *drool*, Orlando Bloom *drool* and Brad Pitt *more drool* ...can I get them in a bed together? That would be one hot foursome...hehehe. (Lacey and Miranda...you can join too XD)
× Candy: Jolly Ranchers
× Gum: Double your merriment...it's the statement of the great mint with Double Mint gum. XD and Orbitz Bubblemint is god.
× Scent: French vanilla, chocolate, Axe lol...um...I don't really know.
× Candy Bar: SNICKERS!!! and Twix...and Reeses <3.
× Color: Black, orange, purple, and red (blood red, muhahahaha...ha...)
× Season: Fall.
× Holiday: Halloween.
× Band: AFI, HIM (*rapes Ville*), Manson, Gackt, Trapt, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Orange Range, Hinder, Kamelot, Chronic Future, Daft Punk, Soilwork, Disturbed, Mindless Self Indulgence, Panic!, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, TATU, UVERworld, Criss Angel, Celldweller, Evanescence...I have so many.
× Type Of Music: Rock mostly...with some random J-Rock and J-Pop thrown in there thanks to DDR, hehe
× Slow Song: "Come What May" Moulin Rogue
× Thing In Your Room: My laptop!!! *cuddles it*
× Place To Be: With my friends, Lacey and Miranda especially. And in WoW raiding hanging out with my friends on there (<3 Wickedlette hehe)
× Radio Station: 105.5..I don't really listen to radio much though.
× TV Channel: Cartoon Network, Nick, Comedy Central and SCI FI.
× Junk Food: Goldfish or Fig Newtons
× Fast Food Place: TACO BELL IS MY GOD!!! And Hardees.
× Restaurant: Chili's
× Shape: Trapezoid...crazy love trapezoids are fun XD (not really)
× Time Of Day: Night
× Video Game: JAK AND DAXTER!!! Wheeeeee. And Drakan. And Paper Mario. And Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (Mathias, Leon and Walter need to have a hawt threesome...damn them for not being gay)
× Shampoo: I don't care.
× Computer Game: OMG WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! GO HORDE!! <3333 Stepmania ^_^ Black and White is awesome.
× Swear Word: Fuck...it's fun to say and so...versatile
× Month: December
× Anime: BLEACH!! OMG OMG *spastic fangirl squeal* Nightwalker ("*cracks whip* You know I do this out of love, Shido."), D.Gray Man (Rabi/Kanda yes plz), FMA, Loveless (Kio x Soubi ^_^), Saint Beast, Kyou Kara Maou (omg <33 so fucking amusing)

Gin is mischievous love.

Aizen is a smexy librarian love.

Byakuya is misunderstood love.

Renji is wild and untamed love.

Kenpachi is sadistic love.

Renji/Byakuya is difficult love.

Yoruichi is puppy kitty love.

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